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Discover your own yoga practise !

Find out how Yoga could work personally for YOU!
Are you curious about starting yoga?

Need more form your yoga routine?

Are you feeling stuck in your practise through lack of knowledge or depth?

Practise with Leanne from the comfort of your own home or chosen location and find a yoga tailored to you, your body, your goals and limitations. 


There is no one size fits all, we are all utterly unique and so should our yoga be!


Yoga at home certainly isn't like doing a class at the studio.  Yes we might flow, but we will also communicate, feel, asses and tune in to what we are doing each moment, understanding the why and how and how much is key to having a yoga practise that serves and works. Maybe we want to heal, strengthen, tone, energise, mobilise or calm... it can also work deeper providing pain relief, better breathing, sleep, digestion, mental focus and control.  Yoga can do it all when used effectively and the correct tools and techniques are selected for each student.

For students looking to develop or understand their practise more deeply, want help with certain postures or transitions or simply want to advice on how to practise regularly or sustainably Leanne can offer insights, tips, philosophy, observations and workshop style focus on technique.


First meeting, chat and taster session 45min £20

1 hour session £30

Block of 3x 1  hour sessions £75 

Block of 5x 1 hour sessions £100

Venues available for hire approx £15 per hour

Rates apply to Plymouth addresses only 

Zoom meetings available upon request

First meeting class is non refundable

All other class cancellations require 12 hours notice for refunds

To book or enquire please contact Leanne by call, msn or whatsapp on 07772347816 or send an email to

Why not buddy up and split the cost? These rates are per hour not per student, contact for more info!

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yoga 121 why, what, how...

Yoga should not be a luxury or for young or fit people only, it should be available to all of those who want a healthier body, a calmer mind and a more enjoyable life.  In a more mindful world more and more people than ever before are practising yoga and reaping many of it's benefits, many more are thinking about it but don't know where to start or how...

Yoga may not be what you think it is... it has come to be many things here in the West, some traditional, others brand new. The fancy poses we see in the media are simply designed to catch the eye, a selling point you might say.  If we used images of meditation I am sure nobody would come! Yoga has naturally adapted to suit our modern world and be useful and relevant to it's people... it can help with tiredness, stress, aches and pain but also offer flexibility, strength, calm and the tools to be more mindful and in control of every part of our lives.  Yoga gets us paying attention and focussing on all parts of ourselves. It might be the only time we actually do this self work.

Yoga was never intended to be taught like an exercise class or in a group setting.  Traditionally (before it was a booming global business) Yoga was always applied to the needs of the individual, and that individual would get given their own daily yoga practise to do themselves each day.  Yoga studios do not promote this traditional self practise, but that is truly where students learn for themselves and get deep understanding.  Each body along with the mind and set of experiences and goals differs, and so knowing this we can target specific practises and techniques, styles and modifications to have the desired effect.  Whether it be back pain, better sleep or gaining strength.  Yoga starts with awareness of our breathing, and our body, our movements, our limitations, we observe our habits and start to do something about the habits we would like to change.  Perhaps it is sitting in a better position, eating more adequate food for our body types, getting regular sleep, focussing better on tasks or simply giving ourselves timeout.  

There is a vast myriad of yoga teachings and techniques and far more benefits and applications than you can imagine!  This might seem unbelievable seeing as no equipment is required and you can do it from your own home!  Yoga draws on a long, winding and profound history, there are thousands of texts on the subject going back millenia! A modern practise draws mostly on yoga postures and sequences from various yoga styles ranging from dynamic to innate, along with useful and sometimes intricate breathing and mind techniques.  Theses tools energise and optimise not only the physical body that we you see but also the organs, blood, lymph, circulatory and respiratory systems, the mind and our thoughts and that general sense of well-being. 


Together we can find the right tools and techniques to achieve the outcome that YOU need.

Leanne draws upon her personal yoga experience, trainings and study to find the perfect yoga formula for you.  All that is needed by you is to inform her what you are seeking and what you would like to gain from your practise.

"I have nothing but praise for the gentle but healing style with which she teaches. We are both of different abilities and issues but she caters for both of us. Give it a go you wont be disappointed."

- Debbie (and Cliff)


"Everyone has a right to do yoga.
Everyone — women, men, young, the old and very old, the sick, the weak, boys, girls... all are entitled to yoga practise with no restrictions because it rapidly gives maximum visible benefits to all. "

- Yoga Makaranda, Sri T. Krishnamacharya


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