Leannes's evolved 'Ashtanga Yoga Journey' class 


This class uses a systematic crescendo of postures and transitions followed by some pranayama, meditation, chanting/prayer and relaxation.  The classic combination of steadying the senses, working from the energetic core, and breathing with the sound, known as drishti, bandha and ujjayi, cleanse and open the physical body, calm the mind and revitalise the vital energy within us- prana.  Students are encouraged to have a soft mental approach and personalise the practise always according to reality/ability/ energy level.



Note this class is a modern adaptation of the Ashtanga Vinyasa method and is not restricted to it’s set sequence, but uses parts of the sequence that are accessible and relevant to all and that work the body in all planes of movement.  



Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a twentieth century style of yoga that incorporates a thousand year old Ashtanga philosophy which provides eight key external and internal phases/ techniques the yogi must journey through to achieve the state of yoga- Samadhi or Enlightenment. 

-Philosophy of the practise
-Samastitihi and Chanting Opening Prayer
-Surya Namaskar
-Ashtanga Standing Postures
-Ashtanga Seated Postures 
-Finishing Shoulderstand Sequence
-Classical asanas with Pranayama/Meditation
-Chanting closing prayer/ devotional gesture

 You may come for just 60 or 75 min, please let Leanne know at start of class.

If you prefer to practise to music you may choose a playlist prepared by Leanne, simple contact her and ask for the music links or choose a playlist designed for class below!

Leanne has no rights to this music please use it for personal use only.