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'Om. In the centre of the castle of Brahmin, our own body, there is a small shrine in the form of a lotus flower, and within can be found a small space.  We should find who dwells there, and we should want to know him'
- Chandogya Upanisad

What good is practise and study without contemplation and integration?! Can we truly call it Spiritual or Yoga at all if it doesn't go deep and alter us and our lives?

Leanne muses and questions as she continues to discover the ways of yoga through experience and study, as is the self- enquiry nature of any spiritual practise.  She has found that writing, discussing and journaling has helped her to clarify and consolidate the experiences and knowledge so that they make sense within herself and within her role as a human being and a yoga teacher in this modern world.  These words naturally pour into notebooks, blogs, videos, social media and poems...

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'After so much self- discipline, sacrifice and arduous mental mountain climbing  to achieve success in yoga, the modern yogi must be braver still! She must make herself vulnerable to fully experience life again!   The self- mastery of yoga puts her in the eye of the swirling storm of prakriti, but where is the sense of willfully remaining apart and withdrawn when this yoga love and wisdom shines out of her? 


What good is the yoga if bound up and locked away like a box of jewels or a great secret?  And so she flings open again the gates of her body and the senses of her mind to experience this world that is out of her control and always will be.  For she is alive and is here to serve!


I feel like I have come full circle and I am back where I started, or so it appears on the outside, only my eyes, my perception and my soul feel different.  I look the same but i have this feeling of not quite knowing who i am anymore, but within me there is this electric current of excitement.  I want to talk about this unexpected new turn in my yoga path, or should i call it a circle, or a sphere?! I know I sound like I am talking in riddles but that’s how it feels! Somehow I have stumbled into a new ‘layer’ or ‘depth’ of understanding reality and all here is not as it seems, I am pretty sure that I am facing my first hesitant and brave steps into Seventh Series!    I am wary and alert like a lost thing in a new planet but i am somehow tingling with a freshness and interest in life, an exuberance that I haven’t felt in years! I feel a great change here, let me explain….'

Excerpt from ' Suffering to Samadhi and back again'


"The world needs people like you, the ones that doubt and tell their students that they're doubting, struggling, questioning.  Cause that is the real thing.  That is the real life.  And that is also the real yoga"