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Limited space available for in person events

Mutley Plain carpark offers 3 hours free car parking, I cannot imagine it will be busy on a Sunday afternoon.

Feel free to bring extra clothes, hot drinks and notebooks. 

Bring your own yoga mat.

Please aim to arrive 5-10 minutes before, use the buzzer to enter the building, we will be upstairs

Space has toilets and changing areas downstairs 

Please do not film during the class, I do not mind you taking photos!

You do not have to do every practise/ exercise/ posture, take what you need and enjoy your learning experience :)

If you need to cancel you might like to use your credit for the next workshop or receive an online version when available.

No refunds will be given in the 12 hours before the event.

Each workshop will offer 2 free slots for those of you who are struggling financially, please contact Leanne and inform her of your situation and to see if there is a space for you

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