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Leanne has been on the path long enough and deep enough for it to have changed her inside and out, read about her story here or dive into her experience of yoga in her blog
'My yoga, a transendence to freedom'

How Yoga happened..

It's a common story... often we have to crash before we actually stop to think about how our habits and lifestyles affect our health and well being...  Leanne followed her heart, developed an array of both useful (and not so useful skills) and made many travels before discovering Yoga, she feels she has led many lives, or had many chapters of this one, been many different variations of herself...


She studied Fashion, travelled, worked with horses, lived in London and in Spain before succumbing to years of working in the grueling, if not exciting service industry.  Years later the unsociable hours, pressure and fast pace meant that life had become lonely, dull and aches and fatigue were a daily battle.  This is where the Yoga arrived; desperate for a body that didn't hurt she tried a little yoga and the result was miraculous! Who would have thought a little stretching could make so many changes ! Almost overnight her body felt lighter and stronger, and she was happier somehow, she wanted more...  Pretty much instantly she discovered Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and had a home practise daily, for years... She took her initial yoga teacher training and set upon a life of living and teaching yoga, gradually picking up classes one by one and leaving behind the service industry she became self employed.


​The Yoga city..

Leanne is not a city girl at heart, and certainly nomad- like, but settled in a neighbourhood of North London where she built solid relationships with studios and fellow teachers and slowly developed a loyal student following.. She says she had to be in London, there were good quality and authentic teachings and teachers to be found there, yoga was valued and most importantly this was a place where the yoga was really taking root and becoming a part of people's lives.  She created a foundation on which to begin to teach her own independent classes and workshops.


Yoga for life

Yoga became way more than a practise, a way of life, a source of passionate study, a way to socialise and network, it was everything for a long time, it seemed inexhaustible.  Single, motivated and in the right place Leanne practised and studied and taught across many studios in London for many years, unitl Covid.  Those years became solitary and drove deep contemplation, questioning and integrating of the philosophy of the Yoga. Her blogging years coincide with this time.


Full circle..

Leanne once blogged about how the process of yoga seem to lead you not only inside and back out again but also in a kind of circle, to begin again, but different, with more awareness and depth of being and clear vision.  This is how the Universe seems to have brought Leanne back to her home town of Plymouth in the South West of England where it all began.  Now far from that big city she is embracing a new slower pace of life with lots of freedom, fresh air and nature.  


Update September 2022

Leanne now lives a fuller richer life back home, connected to the outdoors, her friends and family and the yoga has turned into a way of life... teaches a couple of in person classes, works a day job to pay bills and focuses on her eco yoga design project Conscious Design.

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