‘As when a ruler commands his officials and appoints them cities to be ruled, in his name, even so Prana , the power of life, rules the other living powers
of the body’
-Prasna Up.


"Leanne is a very serious and conscientious Yoga teacher. She is very motivated and focused on the practice, respecting the tradition and constantly looking to deepen her knowledge.  She also shows courage and determination in the practice and teaches by continuously giving the best.  I highly recommend Leanne if you want to deepen and bring motivation and self-determination to your practice."

-Loic Bouteruche, Granada.

Yoga Retreat owner and teacher and Workaway host.

"Leanne is such a kind and knowledgeable teacher who practices what she preaches. Her style is adapted to her student‘s needs, but she is always looking to learn from everyone around her. While utterly serious when on the mat in a sequence, be prepared for some giggles when it’s a workshop style, eg when working on one particular asana. She’ll challenge you to move your limits, without breaching them as she’ll keep you safe."

-Iris Hanking, London

Teacher, student and friend.

"Teacher Leanne is amazing. I really enjoyed doing yoga. It's my second time with Leanne.  End of the class we did a little meditation, and I almost slept, really relaxed at the end."

-Altansoyombo C

 Student, Moreyoga

"A super special led Ashtanga class... led by a teacher that deserves to be there! I personally love the opening and closing chants and the adjustments.  The class space is intimate and it has a great feel about it.  Thank you Leanne for sharing your yoga knowledge and allowing me to grow!"


-Nicky White

Student, North London Yoga Studio