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Glorious Surya Namaskar

(Lecture, Theory and Practise workshop)


Let’s get together and share practise, learning and playful exploration of yoga!


Why do we do Surya Namaskar aka Sun Salutations? Are they really just a warm up? A cardio exercise? Or are they something deeper…. A ritual, a prayer?  What is it that makes them such a unique and fundamental part of most people’s everyday practise? Some say that they hold all of the yoga technique we ever need.

Have you ever questioned where they came from or how they evolved?

This simple yet profound practise is used and altered by many different styles of yoga and individual students to provide varying effects and benefits, and can help to form the basis for a self practise.


We will …


  • Explore a little history with context from Indian traditions and yoga styles

  • Practise a range of different sun salutations and learn their uses and effects

  • Break down postures involved in Surya Namaskar A and more importantly their transitions

  • Look at common difficulties/ mistakes and technique/ hacks

  • Discuss anatomy, spinal positions, bandha- breath energetics and psycological effects

  • Understand how they set up the basis of a self practise

Below you can access the full recordings of past events.  Please make a donation between £10 and £15 for each if possible.

Recordings are free for those who paid in full for the workshop.

Thank you

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