Muladhara and Mula bandha continue to fascinate me...

18th October 2019

Reading Moola Bandha- The Master Key, Swami Satyananada,

The Subtle Body, Tias little,

Sat- Cakra Nirupana, Swami Purnananada, translation in Serpent Power by Sir John Woodroffe

The Muladhara and Mula bandha continue to fascinate me! It is the nucleus of the body, the seed of the breath, the root of the nerves, the ‘kanda’, the source of the nadi energy rivers, the mother chakra, the first doorway to the subtle body… The tantric texts talk of it as a ‘pole’ for the central axis of the body, static and unmoving yet it radiates energy. As I engage in this study I learn to access this Superpower in my practise. It is unseen and yet I coax it to accompany me, a dark horse, an elusive shadow, a mastermind. If I turn my awareness away from it it slips away and so I strive to always be with it, my awareness is held deep in the centre. Mula bandha is like taking that dog for a walk that always wants to stop at every moment, easily distracted…. it must be gently coaxed and controlled without too much force or deliberate effort. Gregor Maehle once said, or was it Petri that once you master it the effort of controlling it becomes unconscious and sensitive, that is; subtle. For a long time I have sought out information and techniques for finding it, and now, much like the Ujjayi breath, it is here to stay, a secret powerful unseen ally in my practise. A source of strength for lightness, complete mastery of control and a way to hold my senses deep inside.

I am working closer with the root lock than ever before and my practise has taken on a new level of quality and depth of awareness, To have control over the master key is to have control over all.

Here are some of the quote notes surrounding this diary entry:

‘Ashtanga yoga has a great emphasis on the Mula bandha thanks to Jois, the practitioners are much more rooted and natural… Mula bandha has a positive effect of creating a connection to ourselves, to the earth, to our deeper identity, Sri Shankaracharya said that.'

'Mula bandha is that which draws the mind to it’s source, or to the root… it has this focus of bringing the mind inward… The energetic effect of lifting the pelvic floor pulls the mind inward, towards the Self…’

- Harmony Slater talking to Stu at Purple Valley

‘Just above Muladhara is the ‘cauda equina’ horse's tail in the physical body, which comes out of the spine at the level of the hips and travels down to the end of the spine and the perineal body. And so Mula Bandha stimulates the source of the 72,000 nadis, linked to nervous and endocrine systems which stimulate physical, mental and emotional relaxation’

- Moola Bandha, The Master Key

‘Nasagra drishti is a practise which essentially involves gazing at the nose-tip, this lies on the governor vessel ( top lip to coccyx) so this actively stimulates Mooladhara Chakra’

-Moola Bandha, The Master Key

‘The natural course of the apana is downward, but by contraction at Muladhara it is made to go upward, through the Susumna’

- Serpent Power

‘Mula Bandha retraces the primitive pathway of our development.. Pubiocoxigial bands spontaneously contract on exhale, moving apana energy to it’s seed point… maybe like breath or mantra, once you practise it it will come to reverb on it’s own.’


‘Shakti pierces the entangled centres of our chakras and cuts through the delusion. At the centre of the head she unites with her beloved Siva andmelts his moon and elixir rains down. In the Pradipika it is explained as Mula Bandha! The spontaneous awakening of the creative energy within us.

- Notes from Mula Bandha Workshop with Ty Landrum

‘We can imagine a water lotus growing in a pool or lake, it’s stem dangling down to the depths and it’s root mass tethering it to the mud. This root system pumps nutrients upwards towards the leaves and flowers in the way that the tailbone pumps a series of pulses, part liquid, part electric through the spine. The earthbound Muladhara Cakra is the font for the origin of life.’- Tias Little, The Subtle Body

‘Embedded in darkness, an underground bulb, it is of the earth, inseparable from it and holds potential for growth’

- Tias Little, The Subtle Body

‘Two fingers above the rectum and two fingers below the linga, four fingers in width is a space like a bulbous root. There dwells the goddess Kundalini, with three coils and a half, and catching her tail in her own mouth, she rests there is the hole of Susumna’

- Siva Samhita

‘Kundalini is pure consciousness, the cosmic energy, she sleeps in Mooladhara. She sleeps because she is at rest, then man’s conscious is awake to the world, her creation in which she is immanent. When she is awake and yoga is complete, man sleeps to the world and enjoys superwordly experience’

- Serpent Power quoted in Moola Bandha, the Master Key

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