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Leanne is a mostly self- taught home practitioner of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga who over the years has welcomed in the experience and knowledge of studies, other styles and teachers. This along with many of the lessons learnt through the practise process over time have shaped and evolved her very own practise into something that is unique, adaptable, understanding and incredibly personal and intimate.


 Her practise has gone through many different phases and brought up many changes and transformations, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  She came to experience that which the words, stories and techniques do their best to explain, or in contrast keep secret within the older texts. She believes that only through a personal practise can this occur, yoga is not easily gifted, bought or learned, it must be felt for oneself.


As a lone practitioner Leanne has had to do her research to answer both small and great questions, hoe does this pose actually work? What is this transcendental feeling? She closely follows the work of her peers and elders for inspiration, guidance and spiritual moral support. Of these teachers the work of David Garrigues has been very important, through him she became passionate and knowledgeable of the energetic work of the practise, which is both dynamic and subtle, philosophy and scripture, and how it all relates to us now in the world. This deeper energy, somewhat esoteric and tantric field of hatha yoga is also conveyed throught the work of teachers like John Scott and Ty Landrum.

In a hard and unstable modern world she found refuge and comfort in a more personal and tender practise over the last few years. Releasing herself from expectations both set by herself and the tradition she has come to find more peace and joy, fun even within her yoga  and no longer has a rigid or linear approach to the physical practise, nor does she feel bad about this.  

To survive evolution is necessary. The world in which this practise was born no longer exists, nor do it's founders, and we are not the students who it was designed to be given to. Each practitioner must find his or her way with it, learn the lessons, adapt, accept and yet respect the technique which provides the process.

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‘Use all your power to free the senses from attachment and aversion alike, 
and live in the wisdom of the self’

-Bhagavad Gita

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