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The Teacher

Leanne teaches Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin yoga and her teaching style is rooted  in  the Astanga or 'Eight- Limbed' yoga philosophy, her own personal practise, yoga scriptures, breathing and meditation techniques.  Whether a dynamic or restful class style Leanne wants you to understand and feel for yourself the spiritual process of unlearning, releasing, trusting and letting go to attain, even if it is just a glimpse, of the natural liberated state within all of us.  Strength, flexibility, a clear controlled mind and a healthy body are all very beneficial side effects of using the body to find Yoga.  Truly yoga goes beyond being a calm state of mind or body, into a state of consciousness, or oneness or pure being.   As your teacher you will find Leanne passionate and enthusiastic to help you on your personal journey, willing to adapt the practise for you and calm and caring in her safe approach.  

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her mission 


Leanne's mission as a teacher has been to find the way to teach  authentic Yoga through today's standardised modern group yoga classes;  To offer a yoga class that remains traditional, but is useful and adaptable to the student.  After studying yoga scriptures and at the same time living in a very different world to the era and culture that produced them she has often come to question her faith in how yoga is now taught and her purpose as a teacher. 


She has often felt torn and confused at how  the word ‘tradition’ seems to suggest obedience, rigidity, blind faith and something set in stone; whereas the natural world we live in and it’s societies are constantly evolving and changing. 


Neither wanting to be generic and wishy- washy nor strict and rigid in her teaching, she has developed a style that focusses on the core hatha yoga techniques ( which are not fancy poses at all)  and the traditional 'Ashtanga Yoga' eight- limbed philosophy ( a methodical approach to the steps of yoga) which she transmits in a caring, encouraging and approachable way.  She uses the Ashtanga Vinyasa system and a looser Hatha yoga style currently, allowing freedom for adapting and altering the practise to better suit the varying goals,  needs and limitations of each student.

She says that the modern yoga scene and it’s teachers aka representatives and guides must remain true to the yoga philosophy and welcome all without prejudice, and offering a safe learning environment where students may learn about themselves through their bodies and hopefully learn the fundamental techniques and tools which will  guide them ever onwards, or  ‘upwards’ along the yoga path if they wish to take it.

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