words from the students

"I loved working with Leanne.  I was going through a tough time.  As well as doing the primary series of Ashtanga we had a strong focus on the spiritual aspects of yoga. What a great way to end the working week. All the people I worked with ,all the difficult issues brought to me as another kind of healer, could be released. I already studied Buddhism, Leanne encouraged me to study Hinduism as well. Both body and mind was fed. Here was a woman whose spiritual curiosity matched my own. I am so much older yet she was my very empowering yoga teacher. With love and gratitude for all you gave of yourself."



"Leanne is a wonderful yoga teacher.  She combines her vast knowledge with the soothing but confident tone needed to both relax her students and enable them to get the best out of every session.  I really enjoy her Ashtanga classes because there is a set routine and so I can relax and get into the flow and I can get deeper into the postures is subsequent sessions.  I also love Yin because it gives my body, especially my back the release it needs after being sat at a desk all week.  Leanne's classes are meditational and she also has some powerful playlists that really help to calm the mind." 


"Leanne is a very gifted teacher who creates a very personal and spiritual experience during the class.  I liked her inspirational quotes and readings and combined with a well designed playlist make the class special.  I recommendation for yin devotees who want to relax after a stressful week!"

- Stephen

"Leanne is a very serious and conscientious Yoga teacher. She is very motivated and focused on the practice, respecting the tradition and constantly looking to deepen her knowledge.  She also shows courage and determination in the practice and teaches by continuously giving the best.  I highly recommend Leanne if you want to deepen and bring motivation and self-determination to your practice.

May all beings be happy"


"Leanne is such a wonderful teacher.

I was fortunate enough to attend her classes regularly at a studio before lockdown and her classes were aways inspiring!

Leanne is a yoga teacher who is devoted to really sharing the wisdom of tradition which can be a rare thing to find!

I will forever be grateful for my time practicing with her in person"

- Stella

"I was one of Leanne’s regular students at the studio. I loved her classes and learned a lot from her world of knowledge and experience. She created a positive vibe in the class and referred to her students by their names. I would highly recommend her classes."

I always look forward to her classes"

- Vivienne

"Great teacher, attended her group studio classes and had a 1-1 session, she helps the student go at their own pace and is passionate about Yoga being more about postures. Learnt lots from Leanne, thank you."

- Ryan

"I was so lucky to have been in Granada while you’re there & fortunate to have you as my yoga teacher! Your calm & confident demeanor as well as being mindful of my neck pains leave me speechless... words fail me, really!  A magnitude of gratitude.






The Teacher

Leanne is certified to teach Ashtanga Vinyasa, Power and Yin yoga and her teaching style is rooted  in  the Astanga or Eight- Limbed yoga philosophy method, her own personal practise, yoga scriptures, breathing and meditation techniques.  Whether a dynamic or restful class style Leanne wants you to understand and feel for yourself the spiritual process of unlearning, releasing, trusting and letting go to attain, even if it is just a glimpse, of the natural liberated state within all of us.  Strength, flexibility and a healthy body are all very beneficial side effects of using the body to find Yoga.  Yoga is not a state of mind or body, but consciousness or being.   As your teacher you will find Leanne passionate and enthusiastic to help you on your personal journey, yet calm and caring in her approach.  


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her mission 


Leanne's mission as a teacher has been to find the way to teach  authentic Yoga through today's standardised modern group yoga classes;  To offer a yoga class that remains traditional, but is useful and adaptable to the student.  After studying yoga scriptures and at the same time living in a very different world to the era and culture that produced them she has often come to question her faith in how yoga is now taught and her purpose as a teacher. 


She has often felt torn and confused at how  the word ‘tradition’ seems to suggest obedience, rigidity, blind faith and something set in stone; whereas the natural world we live in and it’s societies are constantly evolving and changing. 


Neither wanting to be generic and wishy- washy nor strict and rigid in her teaching, she has developed a style that focusses on the core hatha yoga techniques ( which are not fancy poses at all)  and the traditional 'Ashtanga Yoga' eight- limbed philosophy ( a methodical approach to the steps of yoga) which she transmits in a caring, encouraging and approachable way.  She uses the Ashtanga Vinyasa system but allows freedom for adapting and altering the practise to better suit the varying goals,  needs and limitations of each student.


She says that the modern yoga scene and it’s teachers aka representatives and guides must remain true to the yoga philosophy and welcome all without prejudice, and offering a safe learning environment where students may learn about themselves through their bodies and hopefully learn the fundamental techniques and tools which will  guide them ever onwards, or  ‘upwards’ along the yoga path if they wish to take it.


Authentic teachings made relevant for YOU the modern student

Discover how Yoga could work personally for YOU! Try a free consultation with Leanne, or discuss areas of your existing yoga journey that need more focus and attention... 

Yoga should not be a luxury and should be available to all of those who want a healthier body, a calmer mind and a more enjoyable life.  If you are new to Yoga know that it may not be what you think it is... it has come to be many things here in the West.  Know that if you can breathe you can practise yoga! There is a vast myriad of yoga teachings and techniques and far more benefits and applications than you can imagine!  Yoga can help a bad back, releive stress or insomnia or breathing conditions, it can also increase the mobility, strength or flexibility of the body, removing daily aches and fatigue, yoga can be done sitting, standing, in a chair, it can be dynamic or still, in fact the stiller we become the better for yoga! 


For those with an existing practise Leanne is happy to help and share knowledge 1-2-1 as this way she can be more effective and relevant to you! Technical advice and philosophical thinking is better handled outside of the flow.  Maybe there is a pose or transition you would like to unlock or understand better, maybe you would like to remodel or adapt your practise to fit your personal needs. 

Why not contact Leanne for an informal initial consultation or session Online or in person in Plymouth?

30min  £20

1hour £40

*Leanne offers reduced rates for block bookings or those who have reduced income

*Rate does not include space to rent

*Session can take place at your home, workplace or outdoors

email info@leannenatkaniecyoga.com

call/msn/ whatsapp 07772347816 (UK)