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Ashtanga journeys

Taking you further in your yoga quest

Are you ready to take the practise further than you have time for in class?  Join Leanne on her monthly workshops designed to supplement your physical practise, ignite your curiosity and enrich your understanding of Yoga tradition and philosophy. 

Yoga has many facets to explore that are all accessible from, and not separate to the physical practise we do on the mat.  Expect to learn about concepts such as tradition, history, chanting, pranayama, meditation, technique, Mysore style, energy/ bandha work and yoga texts....  all in the context of the Ashtanga Vinyasa method.  Leanne aims to make these learning sessions as exciting and varied as possible, and within the safe and friendly supportive space you can always expect from her;  you may read from texts, discuss ideas and questions, break down poses and have fun, as well as, of course lots of practise on the mat!

The workshops are available to anyone familiar with or interested in Ashtanga Vinyasa, so long as you are comfortable with a vinyasa style.  Although this is a series of workshops it is not a course and so absolutely not necessary that you have to attend each one, come as you can! 


Leanne will announce the themes of the workshops each month via her newsletter and social media channels. 

To book a place you just need to make a payment!

Once back up and running regularly again more details will be provided.


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Chapter 7

'Upward Flying'

An exploration of Uddiyana Bandha and Dynamic transitions.


 With this workshop we will continue to explore the yogic superpowers, moving from Mula Bandha into the next energy lock Uddiyana Bandha.  This bandha sends the prana flying upwards and we can harness that power to enhance our physical practise, making us light and powerful within transitions, however dynamic, or impossible they may seem at first!  We will become familiar with how to do this through correct breathing, precise technique and timing. 


Come and surprise yourself as we focus on Surya Namaskar and the dynamic transitions of the Primary Series.

Ps Bring your socks :)

 'The practise which takes the great bird (prana) always moving upward incessantly is called Uddiyana'

-Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Image by Mathew Schwartz


Previous Ashtanga Journeys...


Chapter 6 Journey into Second Series

May 2020

The Second Series is a completely different kettle of fish and yet builds on all of the foundational blocks and lessons learned in the Primary Series.  The first section which we will venture into in this workshop includes much deeper hip openers and backbends aka heart openers. 

The systematic Ashtanga Vinyasa practise gradually opens and prepares the body to deepen into the postures safely, there is always a new place to go!  In this workshop we will make our way through the first half of Primary Series with Second Series postures spliced on that we will examine and access through modifications.


Chapter 3

Journey to the Self

Feb 2020

An exploration and guide to the benefits and reasons we choose to self practise a set sequence.  A recap of the Eight Limbs and how asana can teach us the yamas and niyamas. Tristana technique to keep us steady and focussed for a meditative practise.  The practise as a mirror to the self and our behaviours, how we deal with that and learn to better ourselves on and inevitably off the mat. The practise becomes personal, a teacher itself, a spiritual journey inwards.


Chapter 5 Ashtanga Philosophy Journey

May 2020

A look at the real meaning of the practice and why we do it.  We journey by way of the body and breath into our mind and heart, we are shown every aspect of ourselves if we care to look closely and not hide.  Ashtanga leaves no stone unturned, the light of Yoga will shine into all of your dark corners.  As we learn to identify and observe our behavior, emotional response and thought patterns we become steadier and mentally strong.   


Ashtanga means Eight Limbs and our practise is a form of practicing the Eight Limbed Path of Yoga set out by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras over 500 years ago.


Chapter 2

Roots & Beginnnings

Dec 2019

From Krishnamacharya to Virabhadrasana. A look at the history and origins of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system and the mystery, texts and gurus that played a part in it's creation.  Exploration of Patanjali, Eight Limbs, Opening Mantra and devotional/ traditional aspects of practise.  Rooting techniques for standing poses and transitions.


Chapter 4

Diving into the Deep

March 2020

We begin to explore the yogic superpowers with the illusive and incredibly powerful Mula Bandha.  Answering questions like What is it? Where is it? How do I activate it? Why is it necessary? I will explain it’s importance as both a physical and energetic centre and why getting to grips with it will lift  your practise to new heights.  

Seeking Mula Bandha will enhance your physical practise with more grace and control, give you a high focussed awareness and also kick start the upward release of the deep kundalini energy which we seek to awaken through hatha (postural) yoga.  It is worth knowing that mastering this superpower takes time and patience and much persistence!


Chapter 1

Primary Series Exploration

Jan 2020

A chance to see what happens after Navasana! A full primary series with lots of play and breathing time, aiming at showing you the point of the poses, how they build up strength and bandha technique and essentially why the order of poses is such that it is.

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