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First and foremost Leanne is a dedicated  home practitioner of Ashtanga Vinyasa, a style of yoga that will strengthen and energise the body, calm the mind and senses and lead the way to inner peace and an open heart.



Head to the Ashtanga Geek blog to read snippets of Leanne's practise diary and musings



Leanne is a passionate student of yoga both on and off the mat, always curious to learn about the history and depths of this great discipline through scriptures, texts and modern day teachers and scholars.  

Recent and current studies-​

The Hathabhyasapaddhati , A precursor to modern yoga, with Jason Birch and Jacqueline Hargreaves,The Iluminescent

The HathaPradipika, with Seth Powell, Yogic Studies

Second Series Workshop, with David Garrigues

Self Study-


The Bhagavad Gita

The Upanisads, Juan Mascaro translations,


Roots of Yoga, James Mallinson and Jason Birch

The Yoga Matrix, with Richard Freeman


As a teacher she is caring, inspiring and understanding and utterly dedicated to sharing this knowledge and making it accessible to all who come.   Her main teaching style is rooted  in her own Ashtanga Vinyasa practise method, the yoga scriptures, breathing and meditation techniques. She teaches for studios across London, runs her own Ashtanga Journeys workshops and also teaches on a one to one basis.

New Online Offerings


'Caught between tradition and modernity, my quest to be an authentic and useful teacher in today's time'

Leanne discusses how she evolved and came to terms with her teaching style , watch here



Leanne muses and questions as she continues to discover through experience and study, as is the self- enquiry nature of any spiritual practise... These words naturally pour into notebooks, blogs, videos and poems as she seeks to combine the lessons with her practise, life and the modern world.


Leanne is always immersed in the study and exploration of Yoga.  It is a generous, ancient, and never- ending source of both learning and fun.   Her main areas of interest are the ancient yogic philosophies set down in the early scriptures, the subtle body originating form Tantra Yoga and the course of evolution of our more modern Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa practises.  Leanne loves to share her passion and will soon be expanding the website to not only show you more of her exciting / geeky study paths, but also useful information and links to help you further yours too!  In the meantime stay inspired by signing up to the Ashtanga Geek Blog to be notified when new posts are added or follow her on social media.


'Salutations to Shiva who taught the science of Hatha Yoga.  It is the aspirants stairway that shines forth unto the lofty peaks of Raja Yoga''

- Hathapradipika 1.1


Taking you further in your yoga quest

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"as a yogi we are concerned with finding stillness"

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