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Leanne Natkaniec Yoga


C O N S C I O U S  D E S I G N

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Leanne is foremost a practitioner, student and enthusiast of Yoga, with focus on the Ashtanga Vinyasa method and how it can be tailored and used for different types of students and needs in our modern time.


 She offers yoga teaching that is authentic and respectful of tradition but also relevant, caring and adaptable to the student.  A yoga geek, in her thirst for knowledge she had studied intensely alongside her yoga self- practise for many years and draws upon yoga scripture, history, philosophy, technique and personal experience.

Leanne has been teaching for years across London and Spain and has now returned home to Plymouth in the UK where she teaches a limited schedule and works on her eco yoga design project Conscious Design.

You can tap into her journey, teachings, work and wisdom via her active social channels.

Soft Collection in Dusty Rose, Redwood and Rust

This great and ancient discipline of Yoga is Universal and applies not only to the journey on the mat but into every aspect of our interconnected existence beyond. 

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