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Yoga teacher- student- designer- maker- writer



More than a yoga teacher, Leanne would like to share her experience of the yoga journey with you here with tips, insights, knowledge, experience and inspiration! 


A yoga practitioner- teacher- student and designer, she works to apply the ancient philosophy and classical hatha yoga techniques in a way that makes yoga relevant and accessible to all.  This great and ancient discipline is Universal and applies not only to the journey on the mat but into every aspect of our interconnected existence beyond. 

Leanne now teaches in person and virtual classes in her home town Plymouth in the South West of the UK.

The Stars

"I loved working with Leanne, we had a strong focus on the spiritual aspects of yoga. She was my very empowering yoga teacher. "


-Gun Isaksson Hurst, London


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'Yoga succeeds by these six:
enthusiasm, openness, courage,
knowledge of the truth,
determination and solitude'

- Hathapradipika 1,16