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leanne natkaniec
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'Authentic yoga teachings made relevant for modern students'

उत्साहात्साहसाद्धैर्यात्तत्त्व-जञानाश्छ निश्छयात |
जन-सङ्ग-परित्यागात्ष्हड्भिर्योगः परसिद्ध्यति 

'Yoga succeeds by these six: enthusiasm, openness, courage, knowledge of the truth, determination and solitude'

- Hathapradipika 1,16



More than a yoga teacher, Leanne would like to share her experience of the yoga journey with you via insights, teachings and inspirational offerings.  A yoga practitioner- teacher- student living in the present day yet applying the ancient philosophy and classic techniques, she hopes to make yoga relevant and accessible to all who come by applying this great discipline to the journey on the mat and into life beyond.  Here you will find written articles, musings and poems, audio and video blogs, tutorials, poems, social media links and of course information about her evolved teaching style and how she can help you develop your practise as well as expand your understanding of the yoga journey.  Leanne now teaches in person classes in her home town Plymouth and virtually for Moreyoga in London.


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The Stars

"I loved working with Leanne.

As well as doing the primary series of Ashtanga we had a strong focus on the spiritual aspects of yoga. She was my very empowering yoga teacher. "


-Gun Isaksson Hurst, London


शरी-आदि-नाथाय नमो|अस्तु तस्मै
येनोपदिष्ह्टा हठ-योग-विद्या |
विभ्राजते परोन्नत-राज-योगम

'Salutations to Shiva who taught the science of Hatha Yoga.  It is the aspirants stairway that shines forth unto the lofty peaks of Raja Yoga''

- Hathapradipika 1.1

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‘Use all your power to free the senses from attachment and aversion alike, 
and live in the wisdom of the self’

-Bhagavad Gita


'The Self abides in the inner chamber of the heart, always at peace, whatever forces of prakriti may storm outside'

- Bhagavad Gita