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All about pricing

Leanne is constantly thinking of ways to reduce the cost of the garments but this is difficult as they are cut and sewn one by one, by hand, with her time, love and attention to detail.. 

Larger producers use conveyor belt type workers and high tech machines to produce large amounts quickly, and raw materials and garments may be shipped to various countries along the production line.  

The good news is that with small production there is more control and very little waste as Leanne uses the fabric wisely. She mostly only cuts to order, does not change colour and style every season, and also the clothes are very comfortable and MULTI FUNCTIONAL.   She even shapes scraps that are large enough into Limited Edition V bras or eye pillows!
Conscious Design garments are priced considerably lower than other luxury sportwear, yoga and apparel brands such as Lululemon, Prism, Studio K,  this is because she does everything herself, and in one place.  No marketing or production teams are hired and clothes are not shipped half way around the world to be produced in Bali or Turkey, resulting in less airmiles.  

But high quality planet friendly fabrics do not come cheap, you get what you pay for! Also please remember within the price you pay for your garment you are supporting the whole business, covering the likes of skill and time,  haberdashery, stationary, postage, labels, trade fayres, marketing and even this website!

News and savings!

> Autumn 2023 Did you know Leanne has recently sourced a better price and a larger selection of her much loved SOFT organic fabric, only it has to be shipped to the UK from Canada and the minimum order, per colour, is 10 metres rather than 0.5metres. (This is why the SOFT collection has only five colours.)
>January 2024 She is about to embark on a refinement of her patterns and lay-plans to be more economical and to improve fit.

Leanne now offers most of her designs in sizes up to UK XXL, unfortunately these have their own pricings due to the simple fact that much more fabric is needed.  She would love to offer them for the same price but  this is unrealistic as the  size difference in stretch garment dress pattern from S to M to L doesn't increase so much.  She is sorry about this.

>February 2024 ready to wear (actual garments ready made) collection is now limited to Leggings and Bras, everything else is made to order.  Waistbands and leg lengths are one size as standard to reduce waste, time and energy.  Adjustments for fit, size, length, rise etc will need to be paid for. Recycled Collection is made to order only, any colour can be handpicked by you from the Power Recycled or Print ranges at


>You can now save by ordering direct with Leanne to cut out platforms fees from Etsy. The price is based on the Etsy price minus the 13% fees!  Direct sales must be paid for by bank transfer or cash.

Here are current prices for buying direct from Leanne, cutting costs for both you and her!

(sizes S M L to fit UK 6- 16)
Jumpsuit  £65  
Midi Playsuit  £50
Mini Playsuit  £45
Legging  £45
Midi Short  £35
Mini Short  £30
Bra  £35
V bra printed £35
Ltd edition V bra £40
Mens Jogger £60
Mens Legging £50
Mens Short £40

Contact for larger sizes

Buy direct by browsing Etsy then contacting Leanne to place your order, payment by Bank Transfer only.


dm via Instagram @consciousdesignleanne


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