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clothing that cares for you and our planet

The Story

Leanne is a yoga teacher and practitioner who designs and makes clothes for practise and life on and off the mat. Long ago she was a fashion student and has recently used her skills to slowly start producing clothing that cares for us and our planet, using the most comfortable, functional and finest eco fibres on the market.

Initially she wanted to make clothes that didn’t disturb her in practise, clothes that don’t tug, squeeze, move or create irritation, heat or bulk. Clothes that function and flatter allowing the wearer to feel body confident and quiet minded. Clothes that are versatile enough to wear all day long, pair up with jeans, lounge about in or even wear to a party or the beach.

In today’s consumer driven world we must be careful that our purchases are versatile and long lived, we must invest in quality products that are timeless and won’t go out of fashion or need when the next trend comes around. Fashion is the second largest polluter in the world and until now perhaps we never questioned where the fabric, energy or dyes came from.


When you buy direct from the maker there is plenty of scope to discuss measurements, fabric choices and individuality to get the perfect fit and look! If you cannot find what you would like or would prefer something especially handmade for you please contact Leanne.


Leanne sells to her Instagram followers, students and friends, and they are now available to buy through her Etsy shop.










Soft Collection in Dusty Rose


Recycled Collection made from land and ocean waste plastic regenerated into high performance fabrics

Contact and Collab

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to spread the word about Conscious Design. Perhaps you are interested in using the clothes for a photo shoot, in your magasine or blog, or introducing them to a local store or studio? Let's connect, there will be perks!

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